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Cole's father Patrick Thornhart was also presumed dead, so he was taken in by Marty's friend Nora Gannon.

Van Hughes began temporarily playing the role on One Life to Live in 2012 and appeared on General Hospital from February 24-28 2012 to introduce his fiancée Starr Manning into the show.Later, Cole and Marty were kidnapped, and Marty's boyfriend at the time, John Mc Bain went to rescue them.He was able to save Cole, but Marty was presumed dead when the van in which she was being kept fell off a cliff and exploded.When it comes time to playing cupid, there are many websites who want a piece of the action.Yet, dating sites have traditionally been mostly limited to dates -- falling short of taking the complicated step of traveling together. A new breed of website is evolving that's matching up travelers looking for a buddy --someone to take that bike tour through Italy, for example --but may be open for a little romance as well.

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