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Stages of teen dating relationships

Maturational changes are simultaneously occurring within the individual in a number of critical areas: physical development toward adulthood, regulation of emotional expression, increased cognitive abilities, and expanded social interactions.While these changes are normative and expected, the new emerging self presents the adolescent with uncharted situations requiring skills that have not yet been mastered.Important to note is that the art of “hooking up” doesn’t immediately correlate to “dating” in the traditional sense.Two people that are hooking up don’t often go on dates or hang out as a couple in public spaces.DTR: These letters stand for the pivotal moment when two decide to “define the relationship.” Sometimes it can be used ironically, to make this moment seem a little lighter and noncommittal, but taking the time to go from “seeing each other” to “boyfriend and girlfriend” calls for a discussion.Exclusive: A step below boyfriend and girlfriend, but a step above hooking up, exclusive is the commitment that two are only “seeing” or “with” each other.

As the horde of rush-hour cars streamed by, Bill reminisced about the teenage daughter he had just picked up from band practice.

Talking: Leave it to the teens to take the act of chatting and turn it into the meaningful, agonizing, and obsessive first stages of a relationship. They’re not just swapping homework tips or musing about the weather.

They’re probably checking their phone every 30 seconds to see if said person has texted them back, if that text included a smiley face, and if that person wanted to hang out later that weekend. Hooking up: By far, the phenomenon of “hooking up” is the most prominent phrase in the teen circle.

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He smiled as he thought about all those after-school trips over the last few years: dance classes, piano practices, the unending cycle of softball games and tournaments.

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