Nude mom

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Everette went to a friend's house to take her children milk, according to court documents, outlining what prosecutors say happened that led to production of child pornography charges against him.

(AP) – An Oregon woman has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of transporting child pornography, admitting she sent naked photographs of her infant son to an FBI agent."My mom is like me; we just like to make people laugh, even if we say the stupidest things," she said."There's a big scene in 'Big Little Lies' where I just try to make Nicole Kidman laugh because I say inappropriate things, and I made her laugh.Shibel says the best way to protect your children is to tell them from an early age about good touch, bad touch and confusing touch.Many moms shamed for breastfeeding have pointed out an infuriating double standard: People are totally cool with naked breasts when they're depicted as sexual objects.

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