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Ben Brown, who has worked at the BBC for nearly three decades, was interviewing the BBC’s Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith about the reaction to Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford on Tuesday.

But half way through the interview a random female passerby wearing sunglasses walked directly into the view of the camera and said “absolutely fantastic”, cracked a smile and gave a thumbs up.

Chapel Hill police have charged a former East Chapel Hill High School security guard with committing a sex act with a student, a felony, earlier this month.

Randy Sam Bradford, 49, surrendered at the Orange County Jail in Hillsborough on Wednesday, police spokesman Lt. Bradford is charged with one felony count of engaging in a sexual act with a student, police said.

Recommending that she should be banned from teaching for life, the National College for Teaching & Leadership said Mrs Nazam-Khan had engaged in a “sexually motivated” relationship with the pupil, who turned 18 during the course of the relationship, and that it had had a “detrimental impact” on him.

The findings continued: “Furthermore, the panel do not consider that Mrs Nazam-Khan has shown any remorse for her actions and the impact upon the pupil.

Mr Smith also asked her to leave them alone, saying: “Yes, just give us one second, alright?

It measures up to 3.6 feet (1 m) across, and weigh up to 309 lbs. One of the smallest turtles is the speckled Cape tortoise, according to the San Diego Zoo. The top part of the shell is called the carapace, and the bottom is called the plastron, according to the San Diego Zoo.

The shell is made up of about 60 bones that are covered by plates called scutes.

” The unnamed woman then stepped backwards looking surprised and landing a firm slap on Mr Brown’s shoulder before walking away from the pair.

But Mr Brown has now insisted the incident was “completely unintentional” and he had simply been trying to curtail disruption.

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Mecimore said the student reported the incident to school officials, and they called police. Jeff Nash, a spokesman for the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools, said Bradford had first worked for the school system in 2009 as what officials call an extra-duty employee and was a strength coach at ECHHS.