Lesbian dating flash games

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Lesbian dating flash games

Instead, creator Togo Mito clearly wants you to abuse and degrade the male staff in a hideous cornucopia of sadistic mania that will leave you feeling ashamed, confused and possibly sticky.

You play Tomoeda, a svelte young university student with a suppressed sadistic side who lands a high-paying job as master to a mansion of very pretty and obliging butlers.Also it may have given me too high expectations of diversity in casts (so surprised by all the VNs that are just white guys as options, that I've seen at least).It's also on Steam, which can be cheaper if it's on sale.This app was created with gay, bisexual and bi-curious men in mind.It has grown to have more than 5 million users, so there are plenty of men to choose from no matter where you are — members are scattered across 196 countries.

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Just hope to find cool people I can connect with who aren't about games and not looking for someone on the side.

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