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the new ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ group already had 2,300 members after it was launched on Facebook last night.

The group intends to provide protection at major events and in city centres at weekends to ensure the safety of their fellow Germans, reports the Flowers and a letter reading “One doesn’t beat women – not even with flowers” are laid down in front of Cologne’s landmark, the Cologne Cathedral, near the main railway station, on January 7, 2016, to commemorate victims of the apparently coordinated sex attacks in the western city during New Year’s Eve / ROBERTO PFEIL/AFP/Getty Images While the desire to “protect our ladies future” appears sincere the group has already come under attack not only by police who maintain law enforcement should remain firmly their own responsibility, but also by the press who have labelled the group “absurd” and criticised it for including members of biker gangs.

A build-up of discarded condoms and syringes, as well as excrement, were evidence that the school grounds were being used in unsavory ways."There were always complaints about unscrupulous characters including prostitutes walking shamelessly and illegally into school grounds even during the day," the district school inspector Carsten Spallek told the daily Residential developments are increasingly pushing sex workers out of the areas they used to ply their trade, forcing the business into the side streets and onto the door step of the school."The prostitutes eat, stand, drink and litter.

It looks filthy in the late evening," district coordinator Michael Klinnert told "The women have no stations to wash themselves or to get themselves ready.

Germany's foreign minister is gay and so is the mayor of Berlin, but gay players in the Bundesliga top football league remain firmly in the closet.A spokesman for Dusseldorf police told local media of the emergence of the vigilante group: “for public security in Germany the police are responsible…deliberately searching for offenders is not a job for the citizen”.He added the police had no problem with individuals acting courageously when confronted with crime, but they were against “self proclaimed vigilantes”.Yet the group founder insists vigilante justice or any kind of violence are not what the group is about.

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