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Dating scene minneapolis

Here’s what’s interesting about Minnesota, relationship wise: Minnesota leads the nation in number of people married/least divorced.

Meaning, lots of people are hitched, and they stay together more than in any other state. These cities are where you’ll have the most luck finding someone to share that mooseburger with. In all seriousness, we measured the ‘number of things to do’ on a per capita basis, meaning we didn’t just count a sheer number of places to meet people.

That’s why we tend to stick to our group of tried and true friends and don’t bother to branch out unless we And if you work at Target Corporate, you better keep movin’ pal cuz nobody wants that Stepford/hipster hybrid cramping their heroin chic apartment.

Furthermore, maybe our dating scene really isn’t any shittier than any other city in the US.

However, this provided for an uncomfortable and awkward situation. This is where I was, on a date, last month during Terma Festival, a goth/industrial/darkwave music event where patrons, dressed overwhelmingly in matte black, gathered to see local acts like Claps and The Funeral and the Twilight, and out-of-town artists including Youth Code and White Car. The conversations overheard outside while smoking cigarettes ranged from intellectual debates to openly (intelligent) flirtatious banter.

Can any of us truly use the “Oh, it’s Minneapolis,” excuse to brush off those feelings? He also spent a Friday night at Club Jager, somehow finding a “Minnesota nice” vibe there (too bad he didn’t wind up there during Transmission, when the goths come out to play). Okay, so maybe those uptown hipsters interviewed for the article just don’t like music.

In fact, the only kind of dating mentioned in the article goes on between a man and a woman.In fact, I’d be even MORE skeptical if a city was REALLY good at dating.So what, does that mean you’re all a bunch of honestly nice people who like to go out and have fun with each other? These are the dates I went on this year: You see, folks?This New York Times article chronicling the dating habits of Minneapolis residents is missing a few key elements of our *wonderful* dating scene.Here are my thoughts on the article and what they left out: So: who’s packin’ their bags for good ol’ MPLS?!

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From what we’ve been able to gather from internet stereotypes, most people in Minnesota are very friendly to your face, but like to keep their distance.