Dating a man who smokes pot whoopi goldberg dating life

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Dating a man who smokes pot

I told him if he was going to still smoke that he CANNOT go behind my back, I will not tolerate lieing so he doesn't sneak around now but he still does it, hasn't cut down, now he is blaming having to smoke on the car accident he had a month ago, saying he is stressed.

Everytime I try to talk to him about it, saying how's the cutting back going he just turns it to the subject of " I just wish the car would be fixed soon".

Few months went by and he started to talk about moving in together/ talk about our future, getting married and I finally told him that before I make any more committment to him, that he would have to give up buy and smoking drugs, it was a big fight that almost resulted in breaking up but he promised he wouldn't buy nor smoke after what he already had was gone, I said okay.

Smoking marijuana has been linked to an increase in prolactine production, which has also been linked to decreased testosterone.I know how it feels to not wanna think about your problems. Thing is, I knew before we went out, and I foolishly thought that I could handle it, even though I did not like weed. But now just the thought of him being high, with his mind way up there in the clouds, and his perceptions and reactions being altered, makes me sad--it breaks my heart. Some days we cant hang out for days at a time, but he understands. I need some balanced input here so I can make an intelligent, informed decision not purely based off of emotions and what not. I am happy..just the weed thing that really gets to me and the last thing I wanna do is be without him..treats me soooo good and I dont know if there are other guys that will treat me as good as he does... Me and the other girl complained about the weather being so cold constantly and we were frozen. I stuck it out for him but after so long I was fed up.Dont laugh, but even thinking of him smoking makes me cry man! People say weed is a harmless drug, but why do any drug at all? He never makes me feel bad about it, never gets mad at me for it, and just tells me to rest. The studies on long-term marijuana use seem to contradict each other, from the little I know. The final straw was one night late I went over there. He ignored me and then after almost an hour they were going to start smoking. When we first started dating, a let him know that I didnt like weed, and I asked that he didnt do it around me or come around me high...This hormone is important erections, ejaculation and orgasms.Men who smoke marijuana frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total sperm count and their sperm behave abnormally, all of which could affect fertility. I wanted to be the cool girlfriend who never took him away from his friends, who never judged or suffocated him. I realized after speaking up about how much I hated him smoking that I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore.

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