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The animal's body shape seemed fairly camel- or llama-esque (indeed, the name of the genus translates to "long llama") but it had triple-hooved feet that resembled those of a rhinoceros.

He did not handle the sight of blood and suffering well, so he abandoned medicine and aimed at ministry instead.are, by nature of being very much extinct, a tad more mysterious than even our most perplexing modern creatures.When Charles Darwin first dug up pieces of these animals in 1834, he and paleontologist Richard Owen were seriously stumped.He could in fact trace his ancestors back through the Royal line of Charles II, and Barbara Villiers, the Duchess of Cleveland, and he was also a nephew of Lord Castlereagh.He was later nominated to fellowship of the Royal Society for his hydrographic and chronographic survey, and was also chosen as the first Chief Statist of the newly formed Meteorological Department of the Board of Trade in the UK (Now the UK Meteorological Office).

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Church of England ordination required a bachelor's degree from an English university, so he entered Christ's College at Cambridge in 1828.

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