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One of Cindy’s talents is to take high-level spiritual practices and wisdoms and turn them into effective, usable formats that people can easily access and integrate into their lives.

She created her consulting business from this rich background of training and launched 27 years ago with her 2 main projects: Conscious Dating: Drawing in Your Soul-Mate, based on her personal experience of drawing in her Soul-Mate, and Conscious Communication Couples Training that has saved hundreds of couples from the brink of divorce.

Today, the Conscious Dating Network is the largest of its kind.

It’s like shopping online—you can look at many different varieties and styles to find exactly what you are looking for, rather than physically searching store after store hoping to find something you like.

Amie guides clients through the world of relationships by providing coaching support and feedback all along the way.

Her approach is proven, she has applied these same tools to her personal life and met her awesome husband.

She provides a Conscious Dating Program that is hand tailored to match each client’s dating and relationship needs.

Through her coaching process, singles discover: clearly defined values they want in a life partner, create a vision their ideal relationship, and empower a new positive mindset that helps them attract and keep the love they deserve.


and invest in growing your dating and relationship skills.