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" Well for starters I could use a little mo, or should I say a little less of "Hey we live close by and my dick is hard, lets fuck! I am not going to be introduced in the chat room in the morning and be in a motel room with you by lunch. I have been a standard member of this site for going on two years now.

It has been fun meeting new people in the Texas chat as well as those chosen few I have met in person.

I like to meet other people with that same quality. I, like most people, have to work for a living and my schedule is crazy.

I don't care much for those who are always serious and more especially I can't stand pushy guys. If we chat and we seem to click I will try to fit a lunch time meeting in on one of my days off.

Being accused of offenses like this can be a slap in the face, particularly if you know the accuser.

The fact is sexual assaults occur between people who are acquainted all of the time, so there is a good chance you know the alleged victim in your case.

Dorothy will give thoughtful and practical applications for taking charge of your life.

more»Nominations for the 2017 Small Business of the Year Awards are now available.

more»I have been a member of The Chamber for over 35 years.

I have served on the Board and served on several functioning committees.

The Chamber has always been the " clearing house" of business ideas for our whole community.

Join the Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce for a time of personal and professional growth at the Women’s Networking Luncheon.

Dorothy Gibbons, CEO & Co-Founder of The Rose, will be speaking about “Women Taking Charge: Health or Wealth or Personal Time- It’s your Life! As a CEO, wife, author, mother, yoga instructor, advocate, speaker and lecturer at the Jung Center, her labels are many and like most women she juggles the demands of a professional, public and personal life, seldom finding a true balance.

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  1. Our focus is to prepare our students for driving in the ‘real world’ where they will encounter tailgaters, speeders, bad weather, aggressive drivers and vehicles that may or may not function properly. This format presents up-to-date material in a style with which today’s student is comfortable.